Glatt Floor was established with the vision of one day becoming the true leader and pioneer around the world in modern rigid core flooring. With its initial steps in the industry, Glatt Floor has not left any stone unturned to capture the major sectors of the market through its exceptional dealer and distribution network. Glatt Floor has intelligently created a wide and diverse network to ensure a comprehensive presence, timely delivery and superlative service. In addition, Glatt Floor is not looking to be confined by borders; it is looking forward to taking over the global flooring industry by venturing into the export market.

With an excellent collection of products in its portfolio, which feature modern wooden and stone finish surfaces, Glatt Floor is well and truly on its way to make an impression worldwide. Glatt Floor has made inroads into several countries around the globe, where they have developed intricate associations to ensure the smooth flow of its export channels. Glatt Floor’s export department is always on hand to take care of punctual delivery, safe transport and absolute service satisfaction for its clients in the overseas markets.