About Us

Glatt Floor truly dares to say no formaldehyde, owing to the properties which make it waterproof, wear-resistant and silent. It is a disruptive innovation in the flooring industry, which has perfectly synchronized designs in the whole world with beautiful visual effects. We assure that this perfect flooring option will be a popular choice in the flooring market.

A versatile wood and stone range fascinates with its outstanding appearance and cutting edge designs! Not just smart looks, these floors are durable and highly resistant to wear and tear. It doesn’t crack or form indentations with proper care and maintenance. The functionality of these luxury vinyl flooring is truly captivating and will surely get you floored with its superior features and in turn enhance your lifestyle!



Glatt Floor was established with a clear objective of transforming modern flooring with inventive and aesthetically superior surfaces. Glatt Floor aims to produce and provide highly superior quality flooring with contemporary designs at economical prices.


Glatt Floor has a vision to become the undisputed leader in the flooring industry with its ultra-exclusive range of innovative surfaces that push the boundaries. Glatt Floor envisions spreading the magic of its surfaces all around the globe sooner rather than later.


Modern living entails aesthetics and performance to go side by side. With the advent of advanced technological solutions, the precision and accuracy of flooring has attained another level altogether. Glatt Floor presents a multitude and diverse range that encapsulates class with hi-end luxury. Designs made to mesmerize, it's flooring made with a streak of the best.

Research & Development

For Glatt Floor, its Research & Development department is the backbone of its innovation and creativity. And this department has to be given the credit for developing Glatt Floor’s exclusive collection through the EIR technology.

The extremely realistic appearance of Glatt Floor’s luxury vinyl flooring is something that we are very proud of. Glatt Floor was able to mimic the appearance and texture of beautiful natural wood and stone due to its innovative, EIR (Embossed-in-Register) technology, providing unparalleled realism and natural beauty that makes flooring stand out. Enjoy the classic allure of hardwood, timeless marble and travertine, and top quality stone and slate for a fraction of the cost.

With EIR, if you run your hand over the flooring, you’ll notice something remarkable. You feel fine indentations that match the underlying photograph of a wood plank, similar to the grain of a plank cut from a tree. The embossing that creates the indentations must align perfectly with the image of the wood or stone in order to achieve this extremely realistic 3-dimensional appearance. This precise alignment is known as embossed-in-register (EIR). The embossed physical grain of the wear layer is married to the image film.

Every plank’s unique, three-dimensional wood grain surface makes Glatt Floor the best choice for your home or business. You’ve got to feel it to believe it.


To build a foundation of extra-ordinary excellence in the industry, Glatt Floor has developed a cutting-edge facility for its production process. Right from using high-grade raw materials, Glatt Floor’s advanced facility is equipped with premier machinery and technologies that support its vision to create above par surfaces consistently. Glatt Floor has adapted to changing times by adopting newer technologies and automation to boost its production capacity, while also drastically improving the quality of the products. On top of that, the industry exclusive technologies like EIR have also been able to flourish under Glatt Floor with its modern approach, which gives them an added advantage in the market.


Glatt Floor was established with the vision of one day becoming the true leader and pioneer around the world in modern rigid core flooring. With its initial steps in the industry, Glatt Floor has not left any stone unturned to capture the major sectors of the market through its exceptional dealer and distribution network. Glatt Floor has intelligently created a wide and diverse domestic network to ensure a comprehensive presence, timely delivery and superlative service. In addition, Glatt Floor is not looking to be confined by borders; it is looking forward to take over the global flooring industry by venturing into the export market.